stm units metop sg

  • design

    METOP SG A & B satellites are equipped with 60+ instruments each and as such are an integral part of the vessel. The customer AIRBUS DS has chosen to use simplified version of the instruments for 1:1 test campaign the satellites will be submitted to. SCSDK re-designing and simplifying all METOP SG instruments with respect to: mechanical properties, mass properties, quasi-static behavior and thermal behavior including integration of active heaters and surface treatment


    Metallic machining & surface treatment undertaken by subsuppliers in Slovenia & Denmark under SCSDK supervision.
    EMO Orodjarna


    Heater integration is a tedious procces of surface preparation, bonding and wire routing. Taking in account some 100+ heater integrations, often in tight spots and with the same precision and cleanseness requirements as for the flight units, SCSDK managed not to discard a single heater. All STM units are submitted to geometrical and functional inspections after the assembly - no rejects.
    Documentation level exactly the same as for the flight units