FILAMENT WOUND 100% CARBON / EPOXY STRUTS. 60 % mass reduction compared to Invar CTE=0 solutions. Two interface types: clevis and threaded. No broken fibers – load bearing elements manufactured during winding process. Black Struts are extremely thermally stabile: CTE = 0 from -175C to +50C. Designed and tested for CME = 0. Use of Black Struts for wide range of applications and in-house manufacturing ensures low cost. Test results available on request.


COST EFFICIENT FLIGHT HERITAGE. Choose from 15 different sizes & performances and experience 8 weeks leadtime. Aluminium interface and composite tubing ensure low mass. Temperature range -45C to +55C.
Test results available on request.


FILAMENT WOUND GRID LATTICE TUBING. Up to 60 % mass reduction compared to std. monolith/sandwich composite solution. Much easier system integration. Ultimative mass saving solution for satellite structures: central tubes, support struts, articulated boom sections and instrument housings. SCSDK State-of-the-art manufacturing method decimalizing the cost, thus no cost increase compared to std. filament wound components.


ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR SPACE STRUCTURES. FIlament wound composites structures for Space applications: design, engineering, IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING, test, verifications & integration support. Our many years of experience in Composites and Space ensure the most cost optimized solutions.


COMPOSITE MANUFACTURING INSOURCING: shorter time-to-marked period by successful in-sourcing of composite production lines. Filament winding, hand layup and bonding for industry and academia. Customer gain: the latest and the greatest composite manufacturing know-how, flexible on-demand support when own organization too large and too slow.